A wide variety of challenging, well-rounded course options are available to students. We aim to both equip students with the basics, and allow them to stretch their horizons. View our course catalog for more information.


Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) Biomedical and Engineering Academies aim to provide our top students with the coursework and experiences to excite them and thoroughly prepare them for elite university programs in similar STEM fields. To be accepted into the STEM Biomedical or Engineering Academy, students must meet rigorous course expectations as well as be enrolled in Honors and Advanced Placement science courses. These required high level courses focus on collaboration, problem-solving, analyzing, and investigating science processes and careers.

As one of the most important pieces of the STEM Biomedical and Engineering Academies at Lutheran High Northwest, students must complete an off-campus experience totaling 40+ hours inside a company, organization, or university of their choosing. With the required course work and off-campus experience Lutheran Northwest students are ready and eager to take the next step in achieving their dream career in a STEM field.

Questions about the STEM Biomedical Academy Program may be directed to Mrs. Kristi Baughman.

Questions about the STEM Engineering Academy Program may be directed to Mr. Tim Topel.

Dual Credit & Vo-tech

Lutheran Northwest students are eligible to take vocational courses through the Oakland County Technical program, as well as dual-credit college courses through Concordia University Ann Arbor. Contact Mrs. Kelly Fink for more information.