National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an American organization with chapters in high schools in all 50 states, several U.S. territories, and Canada.  NHS allows high school students with a dedication to the society's core values - scholarship, leadership, service, and character - to receive recognition, participate in volunteer activities, apply for college scholarships, and much more.  Each candidate evaluated for membership must meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher

  2. Demonstrate strong and ethical behavior and initiative in leadership roles within their school and community

  3. Be dedicated to serving their peers and community through various volunteer opportunities

  4. Adhere to the highest standards of integrity in all areas while consistently acting as a positive role model, both personally and professionally


Taylor Atkinson
Carter Beck
Noah Buerkel
Sarah Burrell
Sydney Chila
Joshua Evans
Elisha Ewing
Evan Fisher
Ryan Garr
Alexander Goodall
Allison Gentner
Alexander Gerhard
Aaron Gunn
Alyssa Haller
Leah Hodgman
Elisabeth Holquist
Kayla Jungeberg
Sara Klausmeier

Kyle Knoche
Kathryn Krause
Kyle Krause
Paul Merritt
Ethan Miller
Joseph Morrison
Natalie Nelson
Jacob Ponder
Abby Schwichtenberg
Joanna Simon
Rachel Stolzenfeld
Annabelle Tyrrell
Grace VanDellen
Madelyn Vitu
Grace Vollmert
Danielle Wilusz
Daniel Woodfin
Faculty Advisor : Mrs. Bonnie DeLanoy

Student Council 2018-2019

Executive BoarD

President | Daniel Woodfin
Vice President | Abby Schwichtenberg
Spiritual Life Executive Board Representative | Clark Thomas


President |  London Greene
Spiritual Life Representative |  MJ Johnstone
Class Representative | Reegan Rohman


President | Max Martin
Spiritual Life Representative | Katelyn Fry
Class Representative | Austin West
Secretary | Elizabeth Berg


President | Sara Klausmeier
Spiritual Life Representative | Faisal Nucho
Class Representative | Elisha Ewing
Secretary | Natalie Nelson


President | Leah Hodgman
Spiritual Life Representative | Dani Wilusz
Class Representative | Tommy Schomaker

Student Council Treasurer | Ben Toth



yearbook 201920 2.JPG

2019-2020 Yearbook Staff

Parker Bowlds
Kenneth Burch
Michael Conte
Joy Craig
Katelyn Fry
Sabrina Gottschalk
Sara Klausmeier
Kyle Krause
John Labadie
Garrett Lane
Thomas McCann
Paul Merritt
Joseph Morrison
Natalie Nelson
Joshua Osani
Sarah Owens
Ethan Rice
Katy Schwichtenberg
Emily Shaw
Dylan Stevens
Allison Szlachta
Christopher Vieregge
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Veronica Klausmeier

Film Club

Come join us each week and explore the full spectrum of movies - from modern Hollywood action films to class black-and-white musicals.

If you are looking for a group to join, love debating about movies, and crave a way to enrich your life and to gain some culture, then look no further than Lutheran Northwest’s very own Film Club! Film Club gives you a movie-going experience that is bound to create friendships and spark your imagination. There is NEVER an admission fee for those who want to attend the viewings. As long as you are not disruptive during the film, ALL are welcome to stay, watch, eat, and debate! The viewings are after school (almost) every Friday in Room 202 (Miss Waechter’s room).

Want more? You can become an official member!

For those wanting to reap the rewards of an official membership, there is a one-time $5 contribution required which can be paid to Miss Waechter at any time during the year. Why become a member if the films are free? Only members have the privilege of voting for the theme and movie for the next Friday, help choose the food we order, and gain the honor of being in the official yearbook picture! And don’t worry, all of the membership money goes to Film Club (for ordering food, renting exclusive movies online, etc.) It’s dinner and a show!

Expand your horizons and friendship circle, and join us!


Lutheran Northwest students serve their campus, peers and faculty on a regular bases. Many serve as mentors, office aides and teacher aides. 

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