Follow the steps below to register for the 2019-2020 year!

  • RETURNING, NEW, and TRANSFER students need to complete the application for registration

  • INTERNATIONAL students interested in applying, please contact the Lutheran High School Association office at 248-856-0240 or email Julie Hoegeman at or Sandy Irwin at

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  1. APPLY



Follow the link below and create a new LHSA portal account to register your student. Upon completing the application, you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable registration fee based on the schedule below. Your new LHSA portal username and password will also be used to pay tuition once the application process is complete.

Registration Fee Schedule:

  • $150 through 1/31/2019

  • $250 through 4/30/2019

  • $300 through 5/31/2019

  • $350 beginning 6/1/2019 (along with applicable tuition)






By creating an account and completing your application, your new username and password provide you access to the LHSA portal (which will later be used to pay tuition). After completing the application, you will be assigned a checklist based on if you are a returning, new, or transfer student. Some of these items may include:

Teacher & Administrator Recommendations – During the registration process, you will be prompted to email a fillable recommendation form to the following individuals from the candidate’s previous school:

  • 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher Recommendation (incoming grade 9 students only) DOWNLOAD FORM

  • Previous School Administrator Recommendation (incoming grade 9 & transfer students) DOWNLOAD FORM

LCMS Congregational Support (optional) – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) member churches independently support their students. If you are a member of a supporting LCMS congregation, you will be prompted to send an email form to your pastor during the checklist process. DOWNLOAD FORM

Financial Aid Application (optional) – Families may apply for financial aid at the same time that they apply for admission, but this must be through the Smart Aid website at the link below. Financial aid decisions will not be considered without required documentation (2018 W-2 and 1040’s). The deadline is typically April 15, 2019.

The Smart Aid ID for Lutheran High Northwest is 12937.






Admission decisions are made after the candidate’s application and checklist have been reviewed. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified to check the LHSA portal using your username and password.






Upon acceptance, the completed contract will be available within your LHSA portal account. You will now be able to select your payment plan and payment due date from the following options:

  • 12 Month Plan – June 2019-May 2020 – Due Dates of the 5th, the 10th, or the 25th

  • 11 Month Plan – July 2019-May 2020 – Due Dates of the 5th, the 10th, or the 25th

  • 10 Month Plan – July 2019-April 2020 – Due Dates of the 5th, the 10th, or the 25th

  • 10 Month Plan – August 2019-May 2020 – Due Date of the 5th

  • 2 Month Plan – August 5, 2019 & January 5, 2020 – Due Date of the 5th

  • 1 Month Plan – August 5, 2019 – Due Date of the 5th


If you have questions during this process, please contact Sandy Irwin at the LHSA at 248-856-0240 or